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With each passing day increases the number of gambling, but the main way of entertainment in online gambling is – to play slot machine online at online casinos for free or for money. Every day there are dozens and hundreds of new slots and we have collected for you a catalog of the best free slot machines.

What is a slot machine in online casinos

This is the name of the reel online slot machine Australia, where the rotation (spin) of the reels periodically leads to falling out of payable combinations. Retro slot machines online, often referred to as 777 by the type of symbols collect winnings on the lines. Modern machines form combinations based on preset patterns or clusters of the same elements.

The main types of slot machines

The unifying characteristic of this type of emulators – reels, is leveled on a number of machines. On such slots, the rotation of the reels is replaced by updating the cells of the playing field, but the name of the round remains the same – spin. 

Classic slots

Emulators with a standard structure of the field 5×3 (less frequently 5×4), having 5 – 9 (now 20 or more) lines for the collection of combinations. The emergence of new machines has transformed the concept of classic slot machine online. Previously, they were filled with symbols from the set 777 – sevens, stars, bells, horseshoes, bars. Now the classic emulators include Book Of Ra, Pyramids, Pharaoh, and other topical gambling.

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Card games

This part of the lobby often gathers: electronic table games, table games with real croupiers and poker machines. In any casino slot machine 3 main table card games: blackjack, baccarat and poker (5-Card, 3-Card and Casino Hold’em). Cards of almost all varieties provide the player a return of 99% or more. Bonuses are usually not allowed on the cards.


Blackjack requires learning a complex but common strategy. Having mastered this skill, the player guarantees a return of at least 99.4%. Several models with the possibility of different bets on the different boxes give the player a small mathematical advantage in tenths of a percent. The use of strategies is legal and non-punishable (except for the card count at the “live” blackjack).


Similar to blackjack, you score points by the numerical value of the playing cards. The pace of play on Baccarat is even higher than on the slot machines. Do not need to know the strategy. Deals are automatic and nothing depends on the player. A Baccarat bet guarantees a 98.94% return (exact figure).


There are three types of online roulette: European, American and French. The most common is the European, the least unprofitable is the French roulette. In the lobby of each casino you can find some exotic roulette: with increased payouts for a bet “in the room”, with two balls, with the bet spread over several wheels (Multi Wheel Roulette).


When playing dice, regular dice are used. If the name Dice is on the label, it is usually the simplest game with a bet on a specific amount of points on 2 dice. The Chinese version of Sic Bo uses 3 dice. Sic Bo involves betting on either the “big” or “small” ranges. The rarest variety of dice on the Internet is Craps. Special betting strategy brings to the exact value of the return to the player – 99.56%.

Retro Slots

This 3-reel machines, inviting to play on 1, 3 or 5 lines. The cells of these machines are usually filled with fruit, berries and symbols from the set 777. Retro casino games stand out for its highly dynamic process, but discourage lack of bonus rounds. Even the special Wild and Scatter they often do not. Also retro machines have a limited choice of rates in the range of 1 – 3 coins.

Video slots

This category includes interactive machines where graphics are implemented in good quality. With the development of technology, the latter criterion is not so relevant. Good quality graphics emulators release in 2010, not always meets modern requirements. A good example of this group are video pokers, where the player interacts with the machine without a croupier.

3D slots

3D slots are the most popular category of the gaming room. These machines with three-dimensional three-dimensional graphics. In addition to 3D images machines stand out for their high resolution and color depth, have music. Additionally, these emulators attract sound and animation effects that accompany each combination. Bonus round on them is preceded by a separate screen saver.

Fruit slots

Catalog of slots, which does not require much explanation. Oranges, cherries, apples, pears and other representatives of edible delicious fauna fill the cells of the fruit slot machine. In the category we can distinguish two groups, different symbolic composition. Some machines include only fruit in the cells, the other diluted with berries playing cards.

With multiple lines

The first “one-armed bandits” contained 1, 3 and rarely 5 lines for winnings. Later, their number increased to 9, as in the Book. Further the number of lines grew, reaching values of 10, 15 and 21. Known for the record jackpot Mega Moolah, in general, has 25 Betways. Today, the number of lines on certain machines exceeds 50 and 100 (illustrative example – Book Of Ra Deluxe 10). On machines Megaways number of lines changes with each spin and can reach hundreds of thousands.

Progressive slots

Progressive slot machines are emulators, which played progressive jackpot. The size of the accumulated prize depends on the time interval between wins and can reach several million euros. Drawing of the progressive jackpot online casino holds on the conditions of the provider.

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Giving slot machines

In the category fall slots with an RTP of 96%. Unambiguous boundary does not exist. For some of the gamblers giving games are reel machines with returns of at least 97%. Determine on their own, how profitable emulator, helps demo version of slot machines. Enough to run the mode autorotation of 1000 spins and check the balance.

Penny slot machines

Obsolete feature of the machines. These are classic emulators with an adjustable number of lines. Putting them on just one line and the minimum bet, you can achieve the cost of a spin in one penny. Modern machines NetEnt, other providers, also allow you to spin the slot with penny costs. In this case, the number of lines remains the same. Penny bet is achieved by setting the denomination and the bet level to the minimum.

Games with live dealers

Live games are the same as in the usual lobby: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Sic Bo, poker of several varieties, wheel of fortune. There is a special kind of gambling entertainment in a live casino – game shows. Slot machine games with real dealers create the effect of presence, but have several disadvantages: higher stakes, a very slow pace. Also, live casinos are not allowed virtual bets. Without making a deposit it is only possible to observe the actions of other players. On our site we have prepared a list of casinos with live dealers.

Why play free slot machines

The reasons to play slot machine varied from the desire to simply take a certain amount of time while waiting, to the improvement of winning schemes. The key factors that motivate users to run free games at online casinos are listed below.

Playing without registration on any device

While waiting, the easiest way to speed up the passage of time is with a “no-trickle” game with simple rules and system requirements. Thanks to technology HTML5, new slot machine games on mobile devices Android, iPhone run quickly, without downloading, registration and financial investment.

Amuse yourself without losing money

Finally, demo machines allow you to have fun without restrictions. Free best slot machine available around the clock, run without SMS, registration and investment. Play demo machines can be anywhere, just need to have a smartphone with an Internet connection. The only requirement for the user is the age of majority.

Advantages of playing free games on the website “Rating Casino”. A succinct description of the merits of our portal – fast, safe, reliable. The site contains licensed slot machines from leading providers and new studios. Access to emulators does not require you to fill out forms.

How to choose a slot machine

Pay attention to certain things, it will help you in the game. If a player plays without money, he still dreams of winning the jackpot. Therefore, in order to get closer to winning, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with certain criteria:

RTP and volatility

Modern devices have a return rate in the range of 96 – 98%. If you plan to play for money in the future, it is desirable that the RTP does not go beyond the lower boundary of this interval.

Volatility in gambling corresponds to the risk. Want to roll a lot of combinations. Then choose a slot machine download with low volatility. Want to have a better chance of the deposit, take a risk. This will help high volatility machines.

Theme and plot

Fruit slots dilute slot machines featuring characters from movies and comic books. In terms of the plot there is just as much fun, full of adventures. It is worth to give preference to those game slots in which you want to play right now.

Game developer

Many providers focus on a specific structure of the slot. Thus, the classic 5×3 slot machines are widely represented by Novomatic. Colorful games with funny characters produce Betsoft, Evoplay, Yggdrasil. A lot of giving emulators have NetEnt. Nolimit City online slots have mechanics xWays, and studio Big Time Gaming owns the patent for Megaways machines.

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